#NannyLife to #AuPairLife

Well I must say that this summer has been very successful! We've placed some great nannies with some amazing families and we made it to the end of the back-to-school rush. Whoohoo! Even though the summer has come to an end, I am extremely excited for one particular nanny bestie on her new adventure! My dear friend and little sister took a leap of faith and is officially an Au Pair in Madrid Spain! She has worked very hard to prepare for this moment and I'm proud that she was able to accomplish her goal. Transitioning from the nanny life to the au pair life can be difficult as she will be away from her family for 12 months. However social media and other apps have made it easy for us to keep in contact. Katie, I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to hearing all of your stories about your au pair life!

Since sharing my nanny bestie's story, many have asked what is an Au Pair. Just to give some background, an Au pair is an anglicization of the French term "au par," which means "on par" or "equal to" and describes a young person living on an equal basis with a host family in a foreign country. The au pair helps the family with childcare, housework, or both while staying as a guest of the family and generally receiving a small allowance (or pocket money). An au pair will typically be a young woman, or sometimes a young man, who is accepted into to the host family as an extended family member. Both the family and au pair are expected to respect cultural differences and display tolerance towards one another.If youre interested in learing more, please visit https://www.iapa.org/

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